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Clan Chisholm
An Cirean Ceann Cinnidh



- Alexander MACKENZIE, History of the Chisholms, Inverness, 1891.
Although I transcribed Jean Munro's History of the Clan Chisholm years ago and have all computer files ready, in English and in French, I cannot publish them, since I have never had any answer about the copyright, in spite of several attempts. Unhappy of having to withhold this information precious to all Chisholms, I transcribed the pages I possess (i.e. pages 120-132 & 135-226) of the History of the Chisholms, by Alexander Mackenzie, dated 1891, in replacement in 2002. The 2003 reprint, including Jean Munro's comments, by the Clan Chisholm Society, is out of print.

- Dr Jean MUNRO (née DUNLOP), The Clan Chisholm : £6.50 with UK postage
- Dr Jean MUNRO (née DUNLOP), Erchless Castle : £2 with UK postage
- Dr Jean MUNRO (née DUNLOP), Strathglass : £2 with UK postage
(1999 prices, not updated)
Obtainable from : Chisholms Kiltmakers (Inverness).

- Harriette F. THRASHER, The Clan Chisholm and allied clans, 1936, privately printed, out of print.

2. Past numbers of the CLAN CHISHOLM JOURNAL :

£2 each including UK postage, £2.50 each including Overseas postage (1999 prices, not updated).
For a list of available Journals, please send SAE or equivalent.
Please contact Ms Susan Chisholm of Chisholm (Hon. treasurer) :


Cumha Do dh'Uilleam Siosal (Lament for William Chisholm), also know as Mo run geal og (My fair young love), the song of the widow of a Jacobite who fell in 1746 at the battle of Culloden, is the most famous piece of Chisholm music, and is featured on :


- W. J. ANDERSON, William Chisholm (O. Carth.), bishop of Vaison 1585-1629, in St Peter's College Magazine, Cardrass, 22, 1955-1956, p. 148-165.
- Révérend Père Louis Anselme BOYER de Sainte-Marthe de Tarascon, Histoire de l'église cathédrale de Vaison, Avignon, 1730/1731, 390 pages (mentioning the Chisholme bishops of Vaison-la-Romaine).
- William CHELSON (= Chisholm), Examen d'une confession de foy, publiée naguère en France sous le nom du roy d'Angleterre, fait premièrement en latin, puis en français et plus au long par Nicolas Coëffeteau, Paris, 1603, in-8°.
- James Logan & Robert Ronald McIan (1803-1856), The Clans of The Scottish Highlands, Ackermann & Co., London, 1845 and 1847, 2 large volumes in-4° (print - explanation).
- D. Nicolai MOLIN, Historia cartusiana ab origine ordinis usque ad tempus auctoris anno 1638 defuncti, tomus 3 (a R. P. Joanne Roesendal usque ad R. P. Justum Perrot), Tornaci (Cartusiae Sanctae Mariae de Pratis), 1906 (mentioning the Chisholme bishops of Vaison-la-Romaine).
- J. ROBERT, Histoire de la cathédrale et du diocèse de Vaison-la-Romaine, Vaison-la-Romaine, 1974, 30 pages (mentioning the Chisholme bishops of Vaison-la-Romaine)
- ROSINSKI & VAN HAMME, Western, Editions du Lombard, Bruxelles, 2001 (comics featuring a Nate Chisum).

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